Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (2023)

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There are many branding strategies that a given brand can use to stand out.

Some are innovative; some are innovative, while others are more simply outright.

A big part of the brand's role is to stand out and be remembered, which is why strategy is so critical to success.

Most brands simply don't have the time todefine your strategy. For those that do, there is an audience that wants what you have and is happy to pay attention to what makes you different.

In this article, you'll learn six of the best brand strategies and examples to differentiate your brand.

The 6 Best Brand Strategies (For Unique Marketing)

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Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (1)

What is a brand strategy?

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (2)

Before we dive into detailed examples, let's get on the same page about what abrand strategyEs.

A brand strategy is simply a plan for how thethe brand will approach the market and attract its target audience.

Usingmarket research and customer insight, the brand strategist discovers and defines:

who is the brand

For whom

how is it different

Because it is important

how are you going to wrap

By clearly defining these key elements, a brand has the ammunition it needs to resonate with its market.

Why do you need a brand strategy?

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (3)

While I'm not a fan of answering questions with questions, in this case, it's well deserved.

Why does someone need a plan for something?

The reason is that success does not happen by chance. While wisdom can be found in the idea of"The Law of Attraction", nothing is desired in existence.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (4)

Anyone with a goal will tell you that reaching it isn't exactly easy.

It requires specific actions taken consistently over time with the idea that each action will take you a little closer to achieving that goal.

Brand strategy is no different.

For a brand to achieve its goals and realize its vision for the future, it must consistently take specific actions over time. In essence, thethe brand strategy defines these actions.

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Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (7)

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Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (9)

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (10)

A brand strategy becomes a brand experience

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (11)

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There are many moving parts in a strategic brand.

Some are internal, some are external. Some are verbal, while others are visual.

Each element has a role to play and all elements are interdependent.

an effectivePositioning strategyit becomes ineffective without a messaging strategy. in the same way aeffective messaging strategyit becomes ineffective without an attractive personality.

A brand, then, is like a machine of elements that work coherently to engage and resonate with the public through a memorable brand experience.


Examples and types of brand strategy

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (12)

As the old saying goes:

All roads lead to Rome

In other words, there are many different routes you can take to get to yourenvisioned destination (the envisioned vision) for your brand.

While the best strategies follow structural frameworks, there are countless different ways tothe brand can attract an audienceto grab their attention, resonate with who they are, and ultimately influence their buying decision.

Here are six uniquestrategies used by some of the most beloved brandsnot world.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (13)

experiential brand

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (14)

The termsexperimental brand” and “brand experience”they are often confusing, so let's clear this up.

All brands have a brand experience, but not allbrands get involved in experiential branding.

All brands provide a brand experience; that is; the experience that the public has with the brand. This is true whether the brand takes the time to design the experience or not.

That being said, not all brands engage in experiential branding, which is:

Active design and development of real world sensory interactions specifically to create a unique and memorable brand experience.

This strategy revolves around sensory experience for one reason and one reason only. The impact it has on the memory and subsequent actions of consumers who experience it.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (15)

A Mood Media study found that sensory experiencestarget 9 out of 10 buyersback to the stores. In other words, if you are engaging the senses, yourconsolidating your brand in memoryand future business.

Experimental Brand Example: WWF Stop Wildlife Trafficking

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (16)

WWF had the mission ofconsciousamong the London public on the subject of animal trafficking. To engage the senses, they created a life-size elephant hologram to roam the streets of London for 24 hours.

The image of an elephant walking towards you through the streets of LondonIt's not something you'd quickly forget.

activist brand

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (17)

Brand activism has become a bigger topic in recent years as morebrands begin to take an active and vocal stanceon topics that align with their values.

The issues that brands align with or against are often social or political and create strong ties with their customers (as long as they are executed authentically and customers approve of their stance).

This strategy is not for the faint of heart.brand managerbecause it is a very fine line for a brand to walk with little margin for error.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (18)

Consumers seem to be demanding that brands take a stronger stance on issues they believe in, but they need to be very convincing that the movement is genuine when they do so.

Many brands have been called to “Alarm clock” which is the idea that brands “profit” by aligning themselves with sensitive issues.

Brand Activism Example: Ben & Jerry's

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (19)

while manybrands are always attentive to sensitive issuesor like to dip their toe in to take their temperature, Ben and Jerry's don't accept doing things by halves.

Clearly, they weren't afraid of losing business to clients who had an opposite opinion or whatever, but what they believed in, they took a strong position on how they viewed the murder of George Floyd.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (20)

“The murder of George Floyd was the result of inhumane police brutality that perpetuates a white supremacist culture,” he said.

again, doapproach this strategyhalf cooked. Go all in or not.

personality brand

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (21)

This strategy is more appealing and much less risky than brand activism.

The term "Differentiation“There is a bit at stake in branding with many corners believing that without category innovation or interruptiondifferentiation Strategy,you just don't stand a chance.

While I agree with the idea that differentiation is non-negotiable, there are many ways to "be different" for your audience.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (22)

Personality is one of the mosteffective, efficient and economicalways in which you can distinguish a brand from its competitors and capture the attention and hearts of your target audience.

There is nothing technical about this tactic other than truly understanding who your partner is.audience is and personality traitswho attract them by giving them what they want in abundance.

Personality Brand Example: Old Spice

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (23)

Old Spice was considered an outdated brand.that most men under 40 would never consider (and if they did, they wouldn't tell anyone).

So, in 2010, realizing its aging brand image and declining market share, Procter & Gamble (Old Spice's parent brand) commissioned global agency Weiden & Kennedy toreposition brandto attract the younger generation.

The result was a viral campaign full of humor and personality that reshaped the image of Old Spice in the minds of the younger segment. The result was a 125% increase in sales and the coveted number one spot for brands in the men's soap category.

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Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (24)

Property Tag

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (25)

Brands have many goals to achieve to become the brand of choice.

One of the biggest challenges is memorability.

In accordance withByron Sharp, author of How Brands Grow, forming and developing memory structures that are inserted into the consumer's memory to lead him back to theBrand experience is an absolute must..

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (26)

He goes on to state that the higher the quality and quantity of memory structures, the more likely it is that his brand will become established.brand manager(ie, being remembered in the purchase decision).

Brands that concentrate efforts on the development of a large number of different productsbrand assets, including logo, color palette, patterns, signature images, audio, dramatically increases your chances of being remembered and adopted.

Example of active brand: Burberry

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (27)

The Burberry brandis an iconic British brand created by Thomas Burberry in 1856.

Although the brand is known for its streetwear and its unique Prorsum horse logo, one of the mostdistinctive brand assetsWhat supported its success was its iconic check pattern.

This Scottish tartan design was created in the 1920s and was initially only sewn onto the coat insert, but 40 years later the pattern emerged from the insert to become afashion trend that is synonymous with quality even today.

relic mark

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (28)

Inheritancethe brand is a strategyleveraged bydeeply rooted brandsThey have been around for many decades or even centuries.

This strategy illuminates the history of the brand and any nostalgic associations that may arise with it.

At that time; it was not so easystart a business or build a brand. It had no marketing funnels or Facebook ads and brands relied more on community satisfaction and word of mouth.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (29)

We tend to offer trust more institutions that have been around for a long time because we instinctively know that if they have survived this long it is because they have been supported by generations of consumers at different times in history.

This historical background is an advantage in itself thatthe heritage brand aims to take advantage of.

(Video) How To Create A Differentiation Strategy (Process Steps & Examples)

Example of heritage brand: Hermes

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (30)

Hermes is a French luxury goods manufacturer and is theoldest fashion brand in the world.

Founded in 1837 in Paris, Thierry Hermes originally created leather saddles and other riding equipment, providing a small window into what the world was like back then.

The main force ofHermes brandthat has remained intact through the generations isyour love for crafts.

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (31)

Although the brand has an unshakable reputation and image in the market, this image was not created by the branding department, but by the production department.

As former CEO Jean-Louis Dumas said,

"We do not have an image policy, we have a product policy."

lifestyle brand

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (32)

The lifestyle brand takes the focus off the products or services it sells and puts it on the interests and attitudes that represent a group of people.

The goal of this brand strategy is to evoke a sense of alignment and aspiration to all that the brand stands for.

It could equally well be said that the purpose of the lifestyle brand isalign the brand with the idea of ​​​​the publicthe best version of themselves.

The central concept behind this approach is that the brand does not sell a product or service but a means to an end and that end is thedesired lifestyle of the public.

Lifestyle Brand Example: Red Bull

Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (33)

I can't think of a better example oflifestyle brandmake red bull.

Remember, this is a company that was built on a single product, and that is a can of sugar (energy-boosting) water.

Red Bull's entire marketing strategy is not based on promoting the features or benefits of its sugared water, but on an idea aligned with a very specific lifestyle.

This brand has not only aligned itself with the word "extreme", but through their media production and support of extreme sports athletes, they have become ingrained in the culture and lifestyle that accompanies extreme sports. .

For you

The brand is nothing more than a means to provide meaning to the audience as to why they should choose one brand over another.

The meaning you provide and the way you provide it is known as brand strategy.

So when you sit down to develop your nextbrand and strategydrive it, simplify your approach and answer this simple question.

What is the meaning I want the audience to have?

The answer to this question must be the engine behind everything the brand does, from operations to communication and everything in between.

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Top 6 Brand Strategies (Examples of Brand Meaning and Differentiation) (34)

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