Nutrition facts and health benefits of chia seeds (2023)

Although chia seeds were virtually unknown in the United States 20 years ago, this trendy superfood is now on the shelves of every supermarket and health food store across the country. Despite the hype, are chia seeds really all they're supposed to be?

The tiny black or white seeds of thewise spanishPlants add tons of fiber andOmega-3 fatty acidsif youeat themdry or soaked in a gel. These tiny seeds also provide a variety of beneficial botanicals that have much to offer in managing diabetes and heart disease.

Chia Seed Nutrition Facts

The USDA provides the following nutritional information for 1 ounce (28 g) of dried chia seeds.

  • calories:138
  • Fett:8,7g
  • Sodium:5mg
  • carbs:12gr
  • Lastrestoff:9,8g
  • Zucker: 0 grams
  • Protein:4,7g


There are 12 grams of carbohydrates in 1 ounce of dried chia seeds. Nearly 10 grams of that comes from fiber. There is no sugar in chia seeds.


Chia seeds are high in healthy fats, with 8.7 grams in a 1-ounce serving. About 60% of the fat in chia seeds comes from beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, also known asLinolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid.Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, regulating heart rate and blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and preventing blood clots.


Chia seeds have 4.7 grams of protein per ounce. Unlike most plant foods, chia seeds contain all nine amino acids, making them a good source of complete plant-based protein.

vitamins and minerals

Chia seeds provide essential micronutrients, especially minerals. In a 1-ounce serving, you get 179 mg of calcium (about 13% of the daily value) and 2.2 g of iron (about 12% of the daily value). Chia seeds are an excellent source of magnesium and a good source of zinc.

health benefits

Chia seeds provide beneficial nutrients that can helpFill in the blanks for vegetariansyveganwho avoid shellfish and omnivores who want a healthy boost of plant-based omega-3s. Here are some of the ways that chia seeds can improve your health.

Supports diabetes control.

The high fiber and omega-3 fatty acid content in chia seeds is a winning combination for long-term diabetes management. In patients with type 2 diabetes, consuming 15 grams per 1,000 calories of chia seeds for 12 weeks has been shown to reduce C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation) by 40% and the effects of clotting by 20% . When 24 grams of chia seeds were added to bread, sugar levels were better regulated than when 7 grams were added.

Promotes heart health

Human studies on chia seeds have shown them to be effective in lowering triglyceride levels and blood pressure in healthy subjects. Although the sample size was small, 12 volunteers received 50 grams of chia seeds for one month. As a result, diastolic blood pressure dropped by about 5 points and triglycerides dropped by 20 points. An independent risk factor for heart disease,visceral fat content, also seems to improve with a higher intake of chia seeds.

Supports the function of the immune system.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide proven benefits to the immune system, including different types of T cells and B cells.Omega-3 fatty acids support the role of macrophages in innate immunity. By increasing the phagocytic activity of macrophages, omega-3 fatty acids help the body eliminate damaged cells and pathogens.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also embedded in the cell walls of neutrophils (white blood cells), allowing them to travel more flexibly and quickly to areas where they are needed. If you don't get enough omega-3s in your diet (and most people don't), eating more chia seeds can help boost your immune system.

prevents constipation

Chia seeds provide 50% of the average fiber requirement in just a 1/4 cup serving. Fiber offers a variety of health benefits, especially when it comes to digestive health. Two types of fiber are found in chia seeds, the one that mixes with water (soluble fiber) and the fiber, or insoluble fiber.

This combination means that chia seeds help soften stool and add bulk, making it easier and quicker to pass. Just be sure to slowly increase your fiber intake and drink plenty of water as your body adjusts to this positive change.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Chia seeds contain a beneficial flavonol, kaempferol. Dietary sources of kaempferol demonstrate anticancer potential through its ability to affect multiple cellular mechanisms, including apoptosis and signaling.For example, kaempferol blocks the action of bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine-disrupting chemical found in plastics and processed foods.

Kaempferol is proactive against various types of cancer, including breast cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, and more. As a complete food, chia seeds offer several additional cancer-fighting compounds, such as:quercetinand fiber. With few negative side effects and many potential benefits, chia seeds help protect your body against free radicals.


Allergies to chia seeds are not commonly reported, but a few cases of sensitivities to plants in the same family have been reported (including anaphylaxis from menthol in toothpaste, food allergy symptoms from ingestion of oregano and thyme, and contact dermatitis from extracts of similar plants in cosmetics). .

A case study of a man with a known allergy to cat dander and grass pollen described a progressive allergic reaction within three days of increased consumption of chia seeds. Symptoms included shortness of breath, dizziness, and facial swelling, which eventually required emergency medical attention. This is believed to be the first reported case of an anaphylactic reaction to chia seeds.

Although rare, allergies to chia seeds are possible. If you experience symptoms after eating chia seeds, see an allergist for further testing.

side effects

If you have a chia mascot (novelty terracotta figurines used to sprout chia) in your house, don't eat the seeds that come with it. Buy chia seeds at the supermarket that are safe for human consumption.

For anyone taking medication for high blood pressure, remember that chia seeds can also lower blood pressure. These additive effects can cause blood pressure to drop too low, especially with a sudden increase in chia seed intake.

In one case report, ingestion of 1 tablespoon of dried chia seeds followed by a glass of water caused an esophageal obstruction that had to be removed by emergency services. To be on the safe side, it's probably best to pre-soak chia seeds in liquid or eat them already mixed in with other dishes.

the order

Chia seeds come in black and white varieties. Although they look different, different varieties of chia seeds can be stored and prepared in the same way. There is no difference innutritional content.

storage and food safety

Dried chia seeds have a shelf life of 4-5 years when stored in a cool, dry place. If you soak chia seeds in liquid to make chia gel, you can store the hydrated seeds in the refrigerator for up to a week. Pay attention to the expiration dates listed on the chia seeds you buy.

How to prepare

Mix dried chia seeds into yogurt or on top of salads for crunch. Chia seeds can also be soaked in liquid to form a gel. Mix the chia seeds with water, juice, non-dairy milk or other liquid and the gel forms in 15 minutes.

You can also add chia seeds to a smoothie. Just keep in mind that it can thicken throughout the day. Experiment by adding chia seeds to baked recipes as a vegetarian egg replacer or in oatmeal and other breakfast foods.

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