Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (2023)

The bathroom in your home can be a wonderful retreat from the world - a place where no one can disturb you and where you can really relax with a long bath. But unpleasant smells can quickly ruin the feeling of calm and relaxation.

The most common approach to combating bad odors is to diffuse air fresheners throughout the room. But air fresheners just mask the smell and leave a smell of bad odors mixed with lemons, linen or whatever you use. You might be quick to associate the pleasant scent of the spray with exactly what you're trying to cover up. Because of this, one of the best solutions is to use a spray that really captures the perfume particles and prevents them from floating around the room. It's a preventative approach that will make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

Poo-Pourri is the brand that popularized this type of spray. The brand dominates because it is one of the first companies with smart marketing and, more importantly, because it has a product that just works. But now there are also many other players on the market, and you may find one that you like best. The basic way it works is to create a thin film in the toilet water. You apply a few drops before using the bathroom and the layer traps odors and prevents them from spreading around the room. If you're entertaining guests and want to avoid embarrassment, or just want to keep the bathroom cool for you, these are the bathroom sprays for you.

1. Poo-Pourri before going to the bathroom spray

Poo-Pourri is the well-known bathroom spray brand, and their products are still among our favorite picks. It works by covering the toilet water with a thin layer of film that helps trap odors in the toilet. And if the scents wear off, there's a scent layer that helps neutralize the odor. The fragrance is derived from natural essential oils and reduces the unpleasant effects that synthetic fragrances can have. This bottle is 4ml.

Benefits: Made from essential oils, reducing harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Disadvantages: 4 ml bottle does not last long.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (1)

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray $14.39 Buy it now on Amazon

2. Hygienic spray mask

The mask uses Australian essential oils in its mist, giving off a light, comfortable coconut and lemon mist that won't overwhelm the environment. Each order consists of three 2oz bottles. Bottles are small enough to take on the go, yet large enough for up to 560 sprays. The formula consists of natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals, parabens and phthalates.

Benefits: Pleasant coconut and lemon scent that is not overpowering. Travel-size bottle that lasts.

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Disadvantages: Mask recommends users spray the toilet six times before using it, which is more than poop.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (2)

Hygienic Spray Mask $12.99 $14.95 $13% Off Buy It Now On Amazon

3. Air Wick V.I.P. Toilettensspray

Air Wick is one of the major players in the air freshener market, so it's not surprising that they're turning to other odor control products. While this spray is a little more expensive than the other options, the bottle holds 4.9 ounces, making it one of the most budget-friendly options on this list. If you're not ready to commit, consider the 1.85-ounce option, also available from the same listing. The perfume exudes a simple scent of lavender.

Benefits: Economical value, a big bottle that lasts. Contains essential oils.

Disadvantages: Fragrance may smell more like chemicals to some.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (3)

Air Wick VIP Bathroom Spray $9.75 Buy it now on Amazon

4. Crown Choice Home Spray (2 PK Madagascar-Cakes)

This Crown Choice spray comes in two 4-ounce bottles, making it easy to use a different bottle for each bathroom. This option is more of an air freshener than a preventative spray. You can use it in the bathroom, in other rooms in the house, or even in the car. But unlike traditional air fresheners, Crown Choice focuses on using essential oils and natural deodorants instead of synthetic perfumes. This makes it hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and more pleasant than some of the overly chemical-smelling air fresheners. Scents include Madagascar Cookie, Calming Lavender, Spa Bora Bora and Siberian Cedar.

Benefits: Value of two packages. Comes in many fragrances derived from natural essential oils

Disadvantages: The fragrance doesn't last that long.

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Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (4)

Crown Choice Home Spray (2PK Madagascar Cookie) $19.99 $24.9920% Off Buy It Now At Amazon

5. One Drop Bathroom Deodorizer (4-Pack)

Manufacturers of one-drop bathroom deodorants focus less on stylish packaging and bold slogans and more on creating a powerful and effective deodorant. One-Drop's product works similarly to other products on the market, with a few key differences. It's designed to work with a simple drop or two dripping from the nozzle instead of spraying. Each bottle holds 0.67 ounces, making it smaller and more portable than some other options. One order consists of four bottles.

Benefits: Powerful deodorant with a pleasant fragrance. Small enough to easily take the bottle with you. Comes in a pack of four.

Disadvantages: there aren't as many different scents available as there are some of the choices.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (5)

One Drop Bathroom Deodorizer (4-Pack) $16.99 Buy Now on Amazon

6. Musenbad pharmacy unloading ritual

Muse Bath Apothecary Flush Ritual uses an herbal formula to create a masculine scent spray that almost anyone can leave behind. It has a cologne-centric appeal that is incredibly long-lasting, just like colognes and perfumes. The product can capture odors that linger in the air so you never smell what's coming off of you. It also makes a great gift.

Benefits:It's plant-based, vegan, safe to use, and smells great.

Disadvantages:It might smell a little too masculine to some people using the product.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (6)

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Muse Bath Boticário Flush Ritual $7.98 Buy it now on Amazon

7. Refresh hygienic spray

Refresh Toilet Spray is one of the greatest toilet spray options money can buy, and considering the 16-ounce size, it really is affordably priced. This scented toilet spray naturally controls odors tremendously, completely masking the smell before you step outside. As you can imagine, spray the bowl before using the bathroom and no one will smell what you release. You can not lose!

Benefits:The bottle is huge.

Disadvantages:The bottle might be too big to take with you, so it's not as discreet as you'd like.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (7)

Refresh Toilet Spray $18.99 Buy it now on Amazon

8. Positive Essence Thai Lemongrass Quarter Spray

This option from Pure Essence is also more of a room spray/air freshener than specifically a toilet bowl spray. Each 4-ounce bottle is comprised of a single essential oil that lets you get a concentrated burst of your favorite scents, whether it's lavender, mandarin orange or peppermint. It's a great way to naturally refresh your bathroom, bedroom, or even your bedding.

Benefits: Natural fragrance of essential oils. Free of parabens and artificial fragrances.

Disadvantages: Fragrance may not last long.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (8)

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Positive Essence Thai Lemongrass Room Spray $12.99 $19.99 $35% Off Buy It Now On Amazon

9. Gold Unicorn Stubby Bath Spray

Funnily named Unicorn Gold, this toilet spray will make bathroom time smell so much better than it does now. Created by Squatty Potty (the stool that helps you break loose in a healthier, easier way), this unicorn gold spray is scented with 'Mystic Forest' to create a magical bathroom experience that is literally gilded using 100% gold real uses nanoparticles for odor control. It's made with natural oils to keep everything fresh too.

Benefits: this spray is made from natural oils and has a few scents to choose from.

Disadvantages: A bit expensive.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (9)

Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray $ 23,99 Compre agora na Amazon

10. Air Wick Plug-in-Duftöl-Starter-Kit

The sprays on the front of the toilet work great, but they won't do anything if you forget to use them. Sometimes you need an option to keep your bathroom cool when you or your guests forget to use drops. This kit is great value for money as it comes with everything you need to get started. There are two plug-in diffusers and six refill bottles. The plug-ins spread a pleasant scent throughout the day, and you can adjust the amount of scent you want. The fragrance is composed of essential oils and has a calming scent of lavender and chamomile.

Benefits: the economy pack consists of two plug-in diffusers and six small refill bottles. Automatically diffuses fragrance throughout the day.

Disadvantages: Individual bottles do not last long.

Make your bathroom the number one place to move to number two with these shower heads. (10)

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Air Wick Plug-in Fragrance Oil Starter Kit $ 15,24 Compre agora na Amazon


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