15 Best Foods to Try in England (2023)

England sometimes has a bad reputation for its culinary offerings, but the country is full of delicious restaurants, from classic pubs to innovative global cuisine. There are a number of traditional British dishes worth trying on a trip to England, many of which are readily available in any pub in the city. Whether you want to sample the finest fish and chips or sample a slice of Victoria sponge cake over afternoon tea, there is something for every palate. From Beef Wellington to Cornish Pasties, here are the best foods to try in England.

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fish and chips

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If there's one dish you absolutely must try in England, it's fish and chips. The classic breaded and fried fish dish served with greasy fries is delicious and filling. It's often accompanied by mushy peas, which is a staple for many, and you'll want to seek out the dish in seaside towns for the freshest fish. Some of the best fish and chips can be found in the seaside town of Whitby.Royal Fisheries, and anyone visiting London should head to the historic sitePoppies Fish & Chips, which has three different locations.

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Full English breakfast

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A full English breakfast consists of bacon, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and grilled tomatoes, with an optional side of black pudding. Always served with coffee or tea, this massively filling dish is a great way to start a day of sightseeing. Many restaurants also offer vegetarian or vegan options. For the more traditional setup, go toRegency-Caféin London, which has been open since 1946. Or go totrophyin Manchester that won't leave you hungry.

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scotch egg

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A Scotch egg, a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and fried (or roasted), is a delicious snack or pub snack. Eggs are often served cold, although many restaurants will reheat one if you ask. The best Scotch eggs can be found in sophisticated gastropubs like this one.rear headin Bray or inHarwood-Waffenin London, although many outdoor markets also have good ones. To search forThe Best Scotch Eggs Fayreno Broadway Market de Londres ou no Greenwich Market.

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Bife Wellington

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Steak fans must order Beef Wellington when visiting England. The fancy dish, notoriously difficult to prepare, consists of a fillet steak topped with pâté and duxelles, wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It's very indulgent and very tasty. It's the kind of dish you find in high-end traditional restaurants, but the absolute best is in thesimpsons on the beachIn London. The British restaurant has been around since 1828, making it the perfect place to try a classic Beef Wellington.

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Scones are usually served with clotted cream and jam as part of a traditional afternoon tea or cream tea. They're less of a breakfast item and more of a treat (and there's a big debate about whether cream or jam goes first). You can find scones almost anywhere that serves tea, as well as most supermarkets and bakeries. Still, some of the most delicious can be found in National Trust tearooms such as the Manor House.Baddesley ClintoneGoddard House and GardensEm Nord-Yorkshire.

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Klebriger Toffee Pudding

15 Best Foods to Try in England (6)

Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of England's most popular desserts and for good reason. Made with sponge cake and chopped dates and topped with toffee sauce, it is one of those delicacies that are present at any time of the year. It is often served with cream or a scoop of ice cream, and many restaurants and pubs feature it on their dessert menu. Cartmel, a Cumbrian village, claims to be the home of sticky toffeeCartmel village shopit's a good place to start your journey into delicious desserts.

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Bang and Mash

15 Best Foods to Try in England (7)

Despite the seemingly obscene name, Bangers and Mash is a pretty low-key menu item in England. The sausages are Cumberland sausages and the mash is mashed potatoes all covered in gravy. It's a common dish in most pubs, although you can sometimes find higher quality versions in some fancy restaurants. For good help, head to London'smother's puree, which serves mashed potatoes with various types of sausages and sauces.

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victoria's sponge bolus

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All good tearooms serve slices of Victoria sponge cake, in honor of Queen Victoria. It's a light, summery dessert consisting of two sponge cakes layered over a layer of jam and fresh whipped cream. Some bakers also place fruit such as strawberries or raspberries in the center before dusting the cake with icing sugar. Head north to one of York's tearooms to enjoy a meal with your cup of tea. try thoseVanilla CoffeeorBetty's coffee.

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Welsh Rarebit

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Don't let the name throw you off. Welsh Rarebit is basically an open-faced grilled cheese, although there are some flavor differences. Dating back centuries, the traditional version of the dish involves a tangy cheese-based sauce served on toast. The gooey sauce is made with Worcestershire sauce and mustard, which gives it a light touch. It's found in most pubs and on the aperitif menu of nicer restaurants, and some chefs mix things up by adding meat (which is usually vegetarian) to the dish. A particularly delicious version can be found atSao Joao Bar and RestaurantIn London.

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sunday roast

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In England, there is a tradition of gathering the family for a hearty Sunday lunch. This is known as a Sunday roast because almost everything on the plate has been roasted in the oven. A classic Sunday roast consists of meat (usually beef), vegetables, roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding and a dollop of gravy. A Sunday lunch menu is common in any pub, as in many other restaurants, and there are often a range of offerings, from beef to chicken to vegetarian roasted nuts. TryRoth Ball & Grillin Somerset orHawksmoorin Manchester and London, or ask some locals about their favorite spot nearby.

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bolo Eccles

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A small pastry similar to a cake, Eccles cake is named after Eccles, part of Greater Manchester, although it can be found throughout England. Centennial dough is often sold in bakeries, particularly in Manchester and Lancashire. It is a puff pastry stuffed with currants and, although it is a sweet pastry, Eccles cake is traditionally eaten with Lancashire cheese. You can find them in a variety of bakeries, but head to Manchester for the original version. Treat yourself to some mini cakes at afternoon teamamucioin the center of Manchester or browse the aisles of local grocery stores.

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Mass de Eton

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A traditional Eton mess may look like a mess, but its three ingredients make a delicious summer dessert. Consisting of strawberries, meringue and whipped cream, the Eton mess is said to have originated at Eton College in the 19th century (although its origins are not entirely clear). It usually appears on restaurant dessert menus in summer, when strawberries are in season, and you don't have to go into Eton dining rooms to find it. If you want to eat the sweet dish in Eton, near Windsor, head to the aptly namedEaton's Confusion.

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Shepherd's pie

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Layers of ground lamb, vegetables and mashed potatoes complete the lamb pie, not to be confused with the house pie, which uses beef instead of lamb. It is a rustic and filling main dish that can be served in a crispy cake batter or without batter. It's a staple pub dish, but several chefs at high-end restaurants have created fancier versions of the dish. the version ina herais very popular duringholborn june hallin London it serves innovative twists on pies, including a curry lamb pie.

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cornish pie

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Named for its Cornish origins, the traditional Cornish pie is a savory baked pastry stuffed with meat, potatoes, onions and swedes. There are many offshoots of the original, including vegetarian versions, and the pies make an easy lunch or on-the-go snack. Of course you'll want to head to the source in Cornwall to find the very best, and countless bakeries sell different variations of the pie. Some local favorites areSt Ives Bakery,Cough Bakery, eSarah's Pastry.

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Speck Butty

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Known as bacon butty and bacon roll, the English version of a bacon sandwich is very simple. A bacon butty is served on a white bun or white bun with fried bacon and a condiment such as ketchup, brown sauce, or mayonnaise. Don't expect anything else in the sandwich, although more modern restaurants might be willing to add a fried egg or some cheese. There are many good ones across England, but for something a little more unusual, head to the Indian restaurant.disobedience, which has a version with naan and tomato jam with chilli pepper. There are outposts in London and Manchester.

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